Canon Pixma IP100 Driver Download For Windows, Mac and Linux

Canon Pixma IP100 Driver Download For Windows, Mac and Linux

Canon Pixma IP100
Canon Pixma IP100

Canon Pixma IP100 Driver Download - The iP100 is Canon's most current and also best version of a mobile printer, literally just like the Pixma iP90v, which it changes. (The iP90v was basically identical to the Pixma iP90, which I reviewed in very early 2005). The iP100 is a remarkably better printer than its prececessor, nonetheless, with faster rate and also much better paper handling. It also delivers somewhat far better page yields from its cartridges, so you will not run out of ink as usually. More crucial, maybe, the iP100 contrasts favorably in a lot of methods with its most straight competitors.

Weighing in at 4.4 pounds by itself, or 5.1 pounds with its AC adapter as well as power cable, the iP100 is bigger than some notebooks and also a little larger, at 2.4 by 12.7 by 7.2 inches (HWD). Still, it's a whole lot smaller sized and also lighter compared to a desktop ink-jet printer. It's also a little smaller sized overall compared to the H470, although both have to do with the same weight. Regardless of its small dimension, however, it can go practically toe to toe with desktop computer inkjets for rate and output top quality. It even consists of a PictBridge port for direct printing from cameras.

Arrangement is straightforward, as well as typical for a Canon inkjet. You set up the print head, snap in the black and also tricolor cartridges, run the automated setup program from the disc, as well as attach the printer by USB cable when the program tells you to. I examined the ink-jet printer under Windows XP. According to Canon, it likewise includes drivers for Panorama, Windows 2000, as well as Mac OS X versions 10.2.8 to 10.5.x.

The Canon Pixma IP100 print rate is exceptional for a mobile ink-jet printer. On our business applications collection, the iP100 took a total of simply 14 minutes 35 secs. To place that in context, when I tested the H470, it set a brand-new record for mobile ink-jet printers, at 19:02. The iP100 not just shatters that document, however its rate counts as reasonably quick for any sort of inkjet, not just for a mobile ink-jet printer. The speeds for photo printing were likewise sensibly fast, averaging 1:45 for each 4-by-6 as well as 4:11 for each 8-by-10.

Text top quality is simply below par for an inkjet, but adequate for nearly any kind of business need. More than half of our test font styles were both effortlessly understandable and well developed at 6 points. 2 highly elegant fonts with thick strokes needed 20 points to pass both thresholds, but these typically aren't fonts you would generally use in a business record. Unless you have an unusual need for small font sizes, similar to the tiny content in a lawful record, the iP100 needs to be able to deal with any sort of content you have to print.

Graphics quality was also simply a little bit below par. I saw some banding on fills in default method, yet not in premium method, as well as a possibility for slim lines to go away, an usual trouble with ink-jet printers. I also saw a tendency for full web page graphics to crinkle the multi-purpose paper we make use of for screening. I would certainly wait to hand the graphics to someone I was attempting to thrill with my professionalism and trust, but the high quality is absolutely appropriate for internal company use, or for something that you've printed with the recipient viewing, so they could see firsthand that it was printed on a mobile printer. If you publish a bunch of full-page graphics, however, you may intend to invest in a much more pricey paper that's less prone to crinkling.

Most of the images I published on the iP100 are conveniently true picture top quality, at the level you would anticipate from a local drugstore. Black-and-white pictures are the exception, with various shades of grey revealing different color pigmentations. If you publish shade images just, nonetheless, that will not be a problem.

The photos are sensibly water resistant but not especially scratch immune. I noticed a variety of surface area scratches caused merely from moving pictures over each other while checking out them. If you intend to keep the prints' top quality, you'll need to handle them carefully or protect them by, say, mounting them behind glass.

Among the better unpleasant surprises in the Canon Pixma IP100 is its paper handling. The leading cover opens to become an adequate 50-sheet input tray, which is a considerable lift from the rather miserly 30-page input for Canon's previous designs.

Cartridge yield is likewise higher than in earlier Canon versions, at a declared 191 pages for the black cartridge and also 249 pages for the shade cartridge. Even so, this is one location in which the H470 has a clear benefit, with an asserted 440 pages for its black cartridge and also 330 web pages for the shade cartridge. As a sensible issue, that indicates you'll be losing ink more often with the iP100 than you would certainly with the H470, as well as will certainly need to carry more ink with you.

When I examined the H470, I pointed out that Canon as well as HP have a record of leapfrogging each other with each brand-new model of their portable printers, and suggested that it can well happen once again with Canon's following version. Now, with the iP100 in hand, I would certainly claim that the leapfrog effort was just partially successful. The Canon Pixma IP100 has a strong edge on rate, yet the H470 has its very own advantages, notably the higher cartridge returns. Both ink-jet printers excel choices, yet provided their strengths in different areas, make certain to take a cautious check out each prior to devoting to either.

Compatibility - Operating System (OS) Canon Pixma IP100

Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 (x64), Windows 8, Windows 8 (x64), Windows 7,  Windows 7 (x64), Windows Vista,  Windows Vista (x64), Windows XP, Macintosh,  Mac OS and Linux

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